Saturday, January 24, 2015

Brother of the More Famous Jack

Katherine is 18 years old and living quietly with her
mum when she is thrown into the folds of a boisterous, loving, kind of nutty family called The Goldmans. Brought there by a mysterious older man she meets in a bookstore, she is quickly introduced to Jacob Goldman, who happens to be her new philosophy professor at university, his magnificent wife, pregnant for the 6th time and his many strong willed, handsome children. Katherine is immediately entwined into the drama and complicated relationships of which she (as an only child) has never experienced. The dynamics in the household are odd as the family, especially beautiful Roger, whom she immediately has a crush on, are both incredibly cynical and loving with each other at the same time. Through the trials and tribulations of family and intellectual life, Katherine learns much about the world which she sees through eyes much bigger than she ever imagined. This novel by Barbara Trapido was her smash debut back in the early 80's. (what the heck was I reading back then?) I adored all the characters and coming of age story of Katherine who had and lost and had it all again. Both funny and loving in that twisted dry English way, I most certainly would recommend and read anything by this fabulous author.

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