Thursday, September 4, 2014


August Pullman, smart, funny, age 10, lives in NYC, has a sister,
a dog and two loving parents. August has everything that would most likely make him the most normal kid in the world. Except he is not your typical kid. August was born with a genetic anomaly so serious that the doctors did not think he would survive. But he did. And Auggie grew and grew and had 27 different surgeries to make his face and features as normal and functioning as possible. Throughout his early childhood he was homeschooled by his patient, understanding mother and finally, now that the surgeries are finished she would like him to start regular school, middle school. In 5th grade when kids are naturally self conscious about their bodies, their overall appearance and which friendships they make, Auggie has to learn the ropes for the very first time. And it is hard. Wonder is about Auggie's struggle to fit in and survive in this world, his family's intense love for him and how friendships are made, and change and grow constantly. This YA book has many a lesson to be learned. The author fits beautifully inside the voices of these amazing characters. As you make your way through the kleenex you will fall in love with them over and over again. A simple story derived from a complicated medical wonder and the idea that kindness can really change the world.

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