Thursday, September 18, 2014


When college student Lily Hayes arrives in Buenos Aires,
Argentina for her semester abroad she is curious, young, adventurous and truly believes the world is her oyster, until its not. Lily's adventure quickly becomes a nightmare filled with murder and mystery. Her roommate (similar to the infamous Amanda Knox case) Katy is found brutally killed and with each clue and every person who has touched their lives in Argentina, the finger seems to point at Lily. Lily, with the obnoxious emails, the texts and conversations she should have never had. She appears jealous and envious of the beautiful Katy, the perfect student with the perfect smile. And Sebastian, the handsome neighbor whom Lily is romancing, conveniently mysterious while hiding in a house right out of the Adams Family.  Lily's family comes to Argentina to support her through this horrific trial and her younger sister is both scared and angry as they find their way through this maddening foreign legal system. Cartwheel is filled with completely unique characters, it is suspenseful and well written. I love the way this author describes so completely each and every scene although it does take time to get used to the overabundant vocabulary that feels slightly self conscious. Highly recommend this exciting new novel, if you loved Gone Girl (and who didn't?!) or Reconstructing Amelia, do not miss this excellent read!

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