Saturday, September 27, 2014


The novel Longbourn takes Pride & Prejudice to another level,
a lower level according to the times, but full of the same delicious drama and romance as the original, its all about the house staff. Mr. & Mrs. Hill run the Bennet estate. Sarah, a young woman has been with them ever since she was orphaned as a child. She is diligent, hardworking and intelligent girl who remembers just enough of her former life to know there is more outside of servitude within these walls. Polly is still a small girl whom they have all grown to love. She is not much help in the kitchen but sassy enough to bring an element of liveliness to the repetitive motions day in and day out that the help endures. And then we meet James, the Mr. Darcy of this wonderful version interweaving dreams of which there are few allowed to enter young Sarahs life. James Smith, the new footman, is handsome and worthy and works his fingers to the bone for these women, but he carries a few secrets. Secrets that can change their lives forever. If you love Jane Austen, who realized the very basics of the romance novel way back in 1813, you will also love Longbourn. Author Jo Baker brings us into the heart and soul of the Bennet family and introduces us to a whole other cast of amazing characters. Who would believe that 200 years later matters of the heart would be virtually unchanged! A must read!!

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