Monday, September 22, 2014

The Story Hour

Maggie, a psychologist is called in for a difficult case at the hospital.
And it is here that she meets Lakshmi, an Indian woman who has tried to commit suicide. So begins the incredible journey these women take together and unlikely friendship that grows to immense proportions. Maggie is married to her college sweetheart Sudhir, a professor at the University who is also from India. She has visited India many times with her husband and knows that the attachment Lakshmi has to her traditions and culture are all that matters and she is willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to make things right. Maggie has her own childhood skeletons lurking in the proverbial closet. In addition, she is surprisingly attracted to a photographer from the past that shows up unexpectedly and wreaks havoc on her quiet life. The attraction is so strong that Maggie gambles all that she loves; her husband, job and friendship with Lakshmi for this selfish, beautiful man. The tables slowly turn as Maggie teaches Lakshmi about independence, self worth and confidence and in return Lakshmi offers a friendship so pure and innocent, it is almost surreal. This amazing author Thrity Umrigar (The Space Between Us) once again reels the reader into the hearts and minds of these magnificent characters. The smells of Indian food waft through the air as you read and their voices are clear as a bell. Learning the difference between right and wrong, what is possible and what is merely tolerable are just some of the lessons in this novel filled with friendship, love and family. Highly recommend The Story Hour, it is a must for your reading list!

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  1. Haven't read Umrigar yet, but just know I'm going to love her writing. Thanks for the review!