Wednesday, August 27, 2014

The Summer Book

In the Gulf of Finland there are many small islands that
people maintain summer homes on. Little Sophia is 6 years old and spends summers in a delightful cabin with her father and 85 year old artist grandmother, called Grandmother. On the island the difference in their ages melt together as their similarities are strikingly attuned. The Father works at his desk and Sophia has her Grandmother all to herself. The relationship between Sophia and her grandmother is simple and yet captivating. They discuss life and attempt to define death and G-d. They explore nature from the detailed experience during a horrific storm, to the tiniest bugs on the tiniest sticks along the ocean shore. In summer the daylight is so continuous that theirs seem endless and are filled with exploration, love, and understanding. Sometimes Sophia is stubborn and so is her grandmother. Sometimes she is understanding and concerned, as is her grandmother. Often Sophia is afraid to be alone yet craves the silence of nature, as does her grandmother. This beautiful, quiet story is broken into small vignettes capturing the beauty and isolation of our what makes our world truly beautiful. The unending love belonging to families and the idyllic of summer. Really, truly enjoyed this unique novel. A quick easy read that has the ability to quiet the mind of the reader in a peaceful and pleasant way. Highly recommend this summer read, as ours is coming to an end.

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  1. Beautiful review... thank you for reminding me of the copy waiting on my shelf.