Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Big Little Lies

A small coastal town, called Pirriwee, Australia is filled with enough
drama to give any Real Houswives a run for their money. Madeleine's daughter Chloe, 5, is starting kindy (I just love Australian speak) along with her beautiful wealthy bestfriend Celeste's twins named Max and Josh. There is Skye in the class who happens to be Maddie's ex-husbands new family and Renata, who has a real job, with her daughter Amabeth, and that is not a typo. It is not something as common as Annabeth. And on and on, the kindy class in this idyllic beach town is filled with one hysterical, (and that means funny and crazy simultaneously!) character after another. After this amazing author sets the table for this rich comedy the drama arises when the truth about Jane's son Ziggy comes to light, Celeste's big secret cannot be held any longer and the French nanny is not so innocent. It all revolves towards a school fund raiser called Trivia Night where the parents find themselves in the pouring rain, drunk, dressed as Elvis Presley and Audrey Hepburn and not quite prepared for the entire charade to come tumbling down.  The fabulous Liane Moriarty, best selling author of What Alice Forgot and The Husbands Secret once again brings us spinning and laughing through a world she creates that is both ridiculous, funny and too similar to reality to ignore. This is an easy, enjoyable read, shouting PERFECT for the beach and pool because no amount of background noise will tear you away as this soap opera unravels. Highly recommend.

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  1. Well developed characters with the perfect ending. Anything with Liane Moriarty's name on it is a guaranteed winner!
    Another book I couldn't put down and finished in days. I wish she was superhuman and could write more quickly. I always go through Moriarty withdrawal when I finish her books. Can't wait for the next one.