Friday, August 1, 2014

Life Drawing

Gus (Augusta) and Owen are artists living what one would imagine
an artists life. An old house, off in the countryside, Gus painting on a sunlit porch and Owen writing magnificence in the cozy barn. But all is not as idyllic as it seems. Love, life, family, trust and even death are threaded throughout their every move, their every breath. This incredible author Robin Black brings each feeling to the light as she literally paints a picture for us that is so shockingly real my heart beat loudly with the turn of every page. This couple, recently married but having spent many years together have no children, have not much in the way of family outside of the little enclave they have carefully built with their art, their passion, patience and love. But love can be tricky and when trust has been broken it is sometimes hard to repair. Alison, a beautiful, self appointed artist bearing her own secrets moves in next door, their quiet repose is temporarily shattered, yet Gus finds a calming friendship with Alison that surprises even herself. When Nora, Alisons daughter visits, the web that is woven becomes ugly and dangerous. I could not put down this unexpected novel, set outside Philadelphia with likable characters and quiet yet page turning prose, I HIGHLY recommend Life Drawing. A must to add to your summer list, fall list, winter list, A MUST READ!

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