Tuesday, June 10, 2014

The Possibilities

Sarah St. John is trying to heal. The loss of her beloved son Cully,
taken at 22 years old, in an avalanche three months earlier has devastated her life. Sarah is a single mom living in the beautiful town of Breckenridge, Colorado. Surrounded by the magnificence of blue skies and soaring mountains, she is trying to make sense of this tragic episode while treasuring the memories of life with her son. Along with a quirky bunch of characters; her smart, funny dad, annoying and loving best friend Suzanne and well meaning ex, (Cully's dad), Sarah tries her very best to go back to work and back to living. But as nothing is ever so simple, in walks Kit. A witty young girl that was mysteriously a part of Cully's life and now a part of theirs. This novel perfectly named, is just about that. The ones that are anticipated and the ones unexpected.

As with the bestseller, The Descendants, author Kaui Hart Hemmings weaves her gentle magic again, around a family that the reader is immediately a part of, a serious subject lightened with amazing characters, wit and humor, and a life lesson slowly easing into our hearts. Excellent summer read, easy and enjoyable. With tears and a smile I could not put it down, this beautiful life with all its many possibilities. BUY TODAY!!

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