Thursday, June 12, 2014

A Single Breath

Eva and Jackson are a young married couple, madly in love
and living in London. But just when things could not be any better they take a tragic turn for the worse. While visiting Eva's mum, Jackson loses his life in a horrific fishing accident off the coast of Dorset. Eva is devastated. The pain of her loneliness is so intense she can barely function through her days. Her best friend Callie has taken a job opportunity in Melbourne and although a vacation is the last thing on Eva's mind, a trip to the nearby state of Tasmania, where Jackson grew up may answer some of the burning questions Eva has been carrying in her heart for the two years they had been together. Upon arriving Eva's discoveries surpass even her wildest dreams. Nothing makes sense, the pieces of this life and this love she and Jackson share in no way fit together. His brother Saul, father Dirk and long ago death of his mother haunt Eva's days and nights until she slowly begins to find the truth about Jackson and the truth about herself.

Author Lucy Clarke, mesmerizes us again (first novel, Swimming at Night - another MUST read) with descriptions of idyllic beaches and faraway islands. A little bit of mystery, romance and friendship all rolled into a wonderful story about heartache, passion and the meaning of true love. Highly recommend this perfect summer read while you lie on a hammock wiggling your own toes in the cool soft sand, hopefully with a delicious drink in hand! Happy Summer! Happy Reading! A Single Breath: A Novel

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