Saturday, July 27, 2013

With or Without You

By Domenica Ruta  This insightful, semi chilling memoir stars
Nikki, as she is called by most, a young girl growing up in Danvers, Massachusetts during the 1980's. She lives in a ramshackle home that is falling apart and filled with trash, with her drug induced single mom who loves her deeply. But love is a tricky word to describe Kathi Ruta who appears uneducated, yet is wicked smart and quite savvy. Kathi seems most untrustworthy, yet consistently figures out, connives, steals and lies her way to solving most problems successfully. She verbally abuses Nikki and simultaneously loves her immensely. Nikki is raised in a world of drug deals, an extended complicated family in a town where most people do not aspire to ever leave. Nikki finds herself living in a world of books and excels at academics at every level. Her mother secures her a coveted scholarship to private school and even through her drug haze pushes Nikki to always reach for more. After a life filled with such contradiction, it is sadly no surprise that Nikki finds herself as an addicted adult on a confusing road to nowhere. Reminiscent of The Glass Castle, this memoir stole my heart. This authors honest deep story of her life is witty and brilliantly written. The reader wants to cheer, pray and save this smart hungry little girl. There is no doubt this author was born to write and share her words. I recommend this excellent, somewhat difficult read.  BUY TODAY!
With or Without You: A Memoir

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