Friday, July 12, 2013

The Silver Star

By Jeanette Walls    Nothing is better than a hammock, a great book, a hot summer day and reading it
in its entirety in 6 hours! :-) Liz and Bean, two sisters that take care of each other through the trials and tribulations of a complicated lifestyle. Charlotte, their mother, a singer and songwriter basically wandering the country with her two beloved daughters leaves them alone to find herself during a "bad spell." When authorities become suspicious that the girls on on their own, Liz, 15 and Bean 12 decide to find their Uncle Tinsley and travel across the country by bus, from California to Virginia and the small hometown of their mother. The girls are smart and savvy and their love is never ending, doing whatever it takes to survive in a world that is not always true or honest. This novel is about family, love, civil rights, and your place in society. It is the early 1970's and while world is trying to fight its way to fairness, so too are Liz and Bean. With the beautiful writing of Ms. Walls, the reader manages to once again love the wacky mother who doesn't always follow the rules but loves her girls nonetheless. If you loved The Glass Castle, DO NOT MISS THIS AMAZING READ!!!
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