Sunday, July 14, 2013

Is This Tomorrow

By Caroline Leavitt   Ava Lark lives with her 12 yr old son Lewis in Waltham, MA.
The year is 1956 and it is not easy for a divorced, Jewish, working, single mother who just happens to be beautiful - to live in this small town in this small time. It is a period in America where divorce is unacceptable, as are tight jeans and being even a little "pink" (communist or showing signs against the coming war in any way). Lewis has only two friends in the whole wide world and they happen to also be fatherless (theirs died from a heart attack). Jimmy and Rose are siblings that live across the street and the three mouseketeers are inseparable. Ava works, Ava dates, everything Ava does is frowned upon by the neighbors and deep inside shames her son, as he yearns to be more like everyone else. One day a horrible tragedy occurs that changes each of their lives forever. This novel is about family and friendship. It is about love and acceptance. It is hard enough for adults to maneuver through this sometimes crazy world, remember how it felt to be twelve. Ms. Leavitt is an extraordinary writer. She brings the reader into the mind and hearts of these tremendous characters. It is amazing how things on the surface are so very different today yet people have hardly changed at all. Highly recommend this fantastic summer read!!
Is This Tomorrow: A Novel

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