Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Marriage Plot

The Marriage Plot  By Jeffrey Eugenides    Three students about to graduate from Brown University in 1982. Madeleine Hanna is a waspy, intelligent, beautiful girl searching for her voice, her path, her destiny and true love. She is dating Leonard Bankhead who is a brilliant, handsome, science student who is a bit odd but very charming when he chooses to be. Leonard and Madeleine are on an emotional rollercoaster when Leonard is diagnosed with a medical condition. Mitchell, the third main character is a brilliant theology student who is secretly or not so so secretly in love with Madeleine. They are all three confused about their next step, their future lives and what real love truly means. The characters are all interesting and charismatic. The beginning feels scattered, it is hard to decide where this story is going but the characters are likeable enough to continue on. It feels like the author is sometimes trying too hard to impress but ultimately brings it full circle very successfully.

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