Sunday, October 9, 2011

The Social Climber's Handbook

The Social Climber's Handbook By Molly Jong-Fast      Dick and Daisy Greenbaum are a very very very rich couple in NYC. They have two spoiled annoying children that act like they are 25, when they are only 8 yrs old. Dick is an extraordinary math genius with a mediocre background that has climbed his way to the top of The Bank. Daisy is an insecure but outwardly sweet character that never fits in no matter how hard she tries. This drama of affairs, schemes, wealth and ultimately murder is at times funny and well written. It revolves around the current financial collapse and escapades of both banks and investment firms, ultimately showcasing how ridiculous it all has become. It is an easy read but not my cup of tea, my TBR list is just too long!

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