Wednesday, November 2, 2011

French Lessons

French Lessons  By Ellen Sussman    Three french tutors.  Three students. One day in Paris. Chantal, Nico and Philippe are tutors for a language company in Paris. They teach outside the classroom walking the streets of Paris while conversing with their students about, food, history, art and on this day, love. Suffice to say, they are all searching for love and romance. They have been heartbroken and disappointed but are still hopeful which is the essence of romance. Chantal walks Jeremy through the city while his famous wife shoots a movie, Nico accompanies Josie who has just been devastated by loss and Philippe teaches french to Riley who has two infants and is barely speaking to her husband. This read is an easy, enjoyable trip to Paris. A quick read that that is truly delicious. S'amuser!

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  1. Your blog about is really awesome.Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I like french language .French language is romance language. I like French culture, tradition, french food etc . Last summer I have visited France as well as I have visited French restaurant. I have enjoyed French food very much.