Saturday, October 1, 2011

Cleaning Nabocov's House

Cleaning Nabocov's House  By Leslie Daniels   Barb Barrett's  husband has told her how he would like the dishwasher loaded. He is handsome, successful, always right and a manipulating, condescending man. Barb takes her two kids on an unannounced extended camping trip and is later accused of kidnapping. She loses her two beautiful children, leaves her "experson" and starts her new life. Alone, penniless, sad and broken in their small town, Onkwedo (his hometown), in upstate New York. This is where the story begins and then it turns and turns and turns until you are upside down with Barbs new business, new friends and new life. Superb writing, hilarious details and laughs along the way. Barb finds herself and the reader finds out that just about anything is possible. An excellent, enjoyable, easy read, don't miss it!

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