Wednesday, September 21, 2011

This Beautiful Life

This Beautiful Life  By Helen Schulman   Jake Bergamot is an  15 yr old boy in NYC. He receives an inappropriate email from a young girl begging for his attention. He forwards it to a friend, and so on and so on. These boys that forward the email are removed from school, the word lawsuit, expulsion and crime are on the lips of everyone involved. The parents are distraught. This situation puts an enormous stress on Jakes parents, Richard and Lizzie, who are in an already precarious marriage and new location due to Richards recent job change. The questions of loyalty, friendship, sexuality, curiosity and parenting skills are all addressed in this come of age novel. The times of cell phones, instant access, constant communication and minimal parent supervision have taken over the world and all the families in it. Interesting story. Captivating writing. A bit of a rush to closure at the end leaves the reader hanging or wanting more. A read that should not be missed.

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