Friday, February 4, 2011

The Angel's Game

The Angel's Game  By Carlos Ruiz Zafon   David Martin is a writer in Barcelona in the early 1900's. After a tumultuous childhood, alone in the world, David begins work at a newspaper as a helper. Enveloped in dreams of writing, he is finally noticed and begins to author a popular column of dark Barcelona stories. Pedro Vidal is a wealthy writer on the paper that mentors David and looks out for him and his opportunities. After some success David is able to support himself and move into the abandoned tower apartment he has always dreamed about. This tower becomes part of Davids being for better or worse. Its past and history become his life. In a twist of fate David's love of writing becomes his doom. Author Zafon's writing is a magnificent poetry that brings the dark gloomy and dangerous Barcelona to life. The readers imagination is flooded with description that in itself becomes the page turner. If you LOVED Shadow of the Wind, you will LIKE this read, for some of the same reasons. There is a bit of the rush to the end routine with a cast of predictable characters but if you enjoy his writing it just won't matter.

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