Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Room  By Emma Donoghue    Jack and Ma live in an 11 x 11 square foot shed they call Room. Jack is five and has never been outside of Room. Ma has lived in Room for 7 years. This story is told by the voice of a precocious, intelligent and loving Jack. Their life together and their strong attachment to each other are remarkable. They find comfort in the simplest things that life has to offer. Until one day. Once you start reading this novel, it cannot be put down. It is emotional, scary, insightful, sad and can still make you smile at times. People do all sorts of things on a daily basis out of habit and routine, things that make us feel human and normal. Or at least what we think is normal, never questioning its meaning or importance until it is taken away. Room is a book I will never forget and highly recommend.

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  1. Glad to find others who love this book! I thought it was fantastic. I wrote a long review here if anyone is interested: