Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shadow Tag

Shadow Tag By Louise Erdrich    Irene and Gil are married and have three beautiful intelligent children. Gil is a famous renowned painter and Irene is his wife, his model and his muse and always has been. Irene keeps two diaries, one is her truth, it is locked away in a bank vault and the second is her manipulative imagination because she knows Gil is secretly reading her diary and she intends to punish him. They are both descendants of American Indian tribes and the author works very hard, not always successfully, to bring this thread of Native American history and culture into the story. The novel depicts a violent relationship, both emotionally and physically, and its effects on their children. There is not a single character that is likable and it is hard to become emotionally attached to the any of them. The writing is excellent but at times the story is hard to follow and there is just something missing. 

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