Sunday, January 16, 2011

The Stormchasers

The Stormchasers  By Jenna Blum  Karena is a writer in Minnesota. She is a bright smart 30 ish independent woman recently divorced. Karena has not seen or heard from her twin brother Charles in 20 years. They were very close as children in spite of the fact that Charles exhibited bipolar disease at a young age and Karena continually took care of him and deeply loved him despite his erratic and sometimes violent behavior. Karena is set on finding Charles and helping him manage his mental issues. Charles's obsession is stormchasing and chasing tornado's in this part of the country is an interesting hobby if not lifestyle. This story is unique regarding the  twin relationship and that of stormchasing (think movie Twister). The writing starts out very strong but unfortunately falters with a cliched romance and a rush to the end finale. It was an okay and easy read but nothing like the authors first novel Those Who Save Us.

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