Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sarah's Key

WARNING: Only read this book if you have 2 days with absolutely nothing to do. You will not be able to put it down or think about anything else while immersed in this memorable, historical, loving saga. Sarah is a ten year old girl living with her family in Paris. It is July, 1942 and the Germans have forced the French police to round up all the Jews and force them into holding areas to be deported to the concentration camps. Sarah leaves her little apartment with her parents but locks her brother, 4 yrs old in a cupboard, which has been their secret hiding place. She is sure she will be back soon and they will all be together again. Noone can believe they are really never coming back to their home. Noone can believe they are really being sent to their deaths because they have done nothing wrong. Nothing wrong except they were born Jews. She innocently questions why would everyone hate the Jews for no reason? What could they have possibly done wrong? The story changes chapter to chapter from Sarah's story to the present day of a journalist Julia Jarmond. An American living in Paris researching the upcoming commemoration of the "Roundup" in Paris that so few know about and fewer ever speak of. Both characters are captivating and the story flows smoothly and quickly, which is why the reader cannot stop until the end. We all know what happens in the end.  Sarah could be played by Dakota Fanning and Julia, Kate Hudson.

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