Sunday, September 6, 2009

People of the Book

People of the Book, By Geraldine Brooks. The story of Hanna, a rare book expert from Austrailia who  traces the history/mystery of the Sarajevo Haggadah. This book is a rare Jewish codex that has traveled extensively, survived many wars and been rescued by the most unlikely people. The story is based on historical facts of the Haggadah but as a novel, enmeshed in the lives of interesting characters completely fabricated by the author. Hanna has some of her own personal troubles that are borderline unrealistic and she is bitter as well, but that aside the focus is the Haggadah and Hanna is the tool to take us on this journey. This book takes place during the year 1996 and flashes back through hundreds of years of persecution, war and a quick history lesson of peoples lives that is most interesting to imagine. The story would be an excellent book club discussion. For one, it covers a range of emotions. Everything from religious persecution (and for those who don't want to read yet another Holocaust story, a chance to learn that this persecution started way before that!) to the mother daughter relationship between Hanna and her own (horrible) mother. Secondly, there are tons of book club questions out there which of course is always a plus. Definitely worth the read, wouldn't be surprised to see it as movie in the future, maybe starring Charlize Theron.

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  1. congratulations! this is a very informative and interesting web site. I will definitely inform all of my reader friends.
    I just read Loving Frank. It not only brings you back to the early 1900's in America, but also is a fascinating and compassionaste love story. I will cherish this reading.
    I joined the link. Of course, thanks to you, I read many of the books listed and will continue to do so.