Monday, September 14, 2009

Best Friends Forever

Best Friends Forever, By Jennifer Weiner. Addie Downes is a quiet, talented artist that has led a lonely existence. The only true friend she ever had was Valerie who grew up across the street. As highschool progressed, their friendship was destroyed and they have not been in touch for 15 years. The weekend of their class reunion, Valerie shows up at Addie's door and drags her into a mystery, chase and ultimate reunion of their friendship. Can a friendship be revived after all these years? What is the meaning of true friendship and forgiveness? There is no doubt, you must like Jennifer Weiner (books) to enjoy her latest novel. If by some chance you have not read them, by all means give her a try! It is by no means earth shattering, it is field trip back in time. Her clear depiction of an adolescents uncertainty and emotions is uncanny. She mixes it all with a wonderful sense of humor and camaraderie (we are all in this together).  You will find yourself laughing out loud (or at least quietly smiling). If we see this on the silver screen any time soon, it may star Cameron Diaz and Melissa McCarthy.

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