Wednesday, September 16, 2009

The Book Thief

The Book Thief   By Markus Zusak.      This is a story narrated by Death. At first glance that may be hard to grasp but as the reader becomes immersed in the life of Liesel, it begins to flow and Death is never questioned again. In Germany during WWII Liesel finds herself alone. She is a young girl and taken in by a foster family. Books and the notion of reading is something Liesel dreams of and her foster father enables her with the little bit he has, to bring words into her life. They take in a jewish man and hide him in their basement. Liesel develops an important relationship with him as well as with a boy her age that becomes her only true friend. This is a unique story, written from a perspective like none other. This is a story filled with compassion, love, friendship, good, evil, pain and suffering. Death is looking down at all of us and thinking what is with all this killing, I can barely keep up, are you people crazy? Yes, they were.

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