Tuesday, May 21, 2024

Look For Me There

In 2008 when Tim Russert passed away, America mourned a beloved journalist whom for many represented the best American television political moderator we had ever seen. Luke Russert lost his dad; the man who he loved and admired more than anyone in the world. He also lost confidence in his future and what that represented. His mother, Maureen Orth, also a successful journalist, encouraged him to explore the world. Her early peace corp experiences and deep belief in god shaped her views and aspirations, she hoped it would be the same for her son. But as his journey around the globe challenged him, and according to his mother - went on for much longer than necessary - Luke became desperately lonely and fell into an abyss of grief. Without his father there to cheer him on through life, experiences felt pointless. Luke tried his best to see people through his father’s charitable eyes, Tim had always seen the glass half full. But Luke had a hard time finding his own inner voice. At first this memoir reads like a travel journal or diary of sorts, but as Luke learns more about both his parents lives he begins to grow in ways he never imagined. Facing fears, living with loss and finding faith. Three lessons we all must learn. ⭐⭐⭐

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