Wednesday, October 18, 2023

The Love Plot

Star Shine Meadows is performing as a character actor at a child’s birthday, one of the many jobs she juggles to make ends meet. A very handsome man stares at her from across the room, but it is not a friendly glance. Rafe Whitman is a sexy albeit grouchy veterinarian that happens to be the uncle of the birthday girl and he is obviously having a really bad day. A week later their paths cross again and Rafe comes up with a brilliant plan. He offers the free spirited Star to put aside her money making gigs and he will pay her an enormous fee to be his fake girlfriend. Apparently his wealthy family is trying to get him to settle down, that marriage is the answer to all his problems - and are driving him crazy. If they think he has a girlfriend maybe they will back off. Too good to pass up and in need of extra cash Star accepts insisting a no strings attached scenario as Star was raised by hippie parents who do not believe in monogamy or getting married. As she always sees the glass half full, Rafe is constantly surprised what fun Star is to be around, how the light she shines can brighten his day. Beautiful and smart, Rafe has her escort him to various events sure it will drive his family crazy. Neither of the two lovebirds expected the fireworks that exploded after their first kiss. Easy breezy and a little steamy. Definitely recommend this adorable romcom. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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