Sunday, October 8, 2023

Lost and Found in Paris

Growing up with a supermodel mother and famous father, Joan Blakely was not looking for the spotlight. Working at a prestigious museum in Los Angeles, Joan preferred to be behind the scenes. After her father tragically died in 9/11 her mother became a recluse and Joan kept his legacy alive in the world of art. When she learns her handsome photographer husband is a cheat and a liar Joan must reexamine her job and her future. An opportunity arises for her to transport some very prestigious pieces of art to Paris. It is a chance for Joan to clear her head and see her dearest friend who lives there. On the plane Joan meets Nate, an introverted tech guy on his way to a conference. With a taste of freedom she agrees to a romantic dinner upon arrival and a completely unexpected night of passion.When she wakes, Nate has gone to his conference. The art work which was expertly hidden is missing. The buyer is not responding and her security team needs answers. Joan and Nate put on their detective hats and are determined to track down the thief. I was pulled into this quickly only to lose all my interest 1/3 into the story. I loved the art and complicated relationships initially but as these two turn in Sherlock Holmes it became silly and unrealistic. The characters were not likable enough to hold my attention and it became one of those books I forced myself to finish.  ⭐️⭐️

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