Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Elon Musk

At 52 years old Elon Musk has accomplished things most people deemed impossible. There is probably not a person on earth that does not know his name. Possibly on other planets as well. After a rough childhood in Pretoria, South Africa Elon moved to Canada with his mother, brother and sister. After college he and his brother Kimball began work on what would become their first start up. With his background is physics and computer science it was quickly apparent to Elon and anyone around him that he needed to run his own company. His ideas were plentiful and his curiosity and brilliance unmatched. Elon’s strong personality and unstoppable drive were both a gift and a curse. He can be difficult to work for, but is usually right. Most of his employees would rather be stimulated by his enlightenment than bored working for anyone else. He demanded their full attention and every moment of their day - there is no time for vacations or breaks when you are trying to change the world. After making his mark with Paypal, he transferred his boundless energy to creating Tesla which led to batteries and AI, Space X, Boring and X. It appears he did this single handedly. While Elon surrounds himself with droves of brilliant scientists and engineers there is no doubt he is the driving force of it all. Elon struggles with some social awkwardness and can be misunderstood, his unfortunate relationship with his abusive father left marks that are still painful. It is obvious that Elon’s lofty goals are not focused on dollar signs but unyielding determination to change how we live and save humanity. This biography is expertly written by Walter Isaacson. It’s a long book but the way the chapters are divided makes it easier to read. I devoured every word and honestly don’t know how he juggles six companies. I’m ready for a nap just reading about it. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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