Monday, July 24, 2023

Crow Mary

A Crow Native woman named Goes First is arranged to marry a Yellow Eyes (white) man named Abe Farwell. He is a local fur trader, handsome and her father - the chief, trusts him. Goes First believes it will be good for her people and after the death of her childhood sweetheart she is exceedingly ready for change. It is 1872 and at sixteen years old Crow Mary (as her husband renames her) is the strongest, smartest woman he has every met and much to her surprise, they slowly build a loving relationship. Abe and Mary set off to build a trading outpost in the Cypress Hills of Saskatchewan, Canada. Mary can handle the hard work, the long dark winters and she is a better shot than most men. But her honest, quiet nature cannot tolerate the group of rough riding whiskey traders that destroys a local Nakota village. Forbidden by her husband to get involved, Mary must single handedly save the women they have abducted. The event spirals out of control into years of court cases highlighting the hateful prejudices the white men have against the indigenous tribes. This astonishing narrative of historical fiction takes the reader through the magnificent landscape of rural America as the lives and traditions of our Native American people were irretrievably destroyed. A heartbreakingly beautiful story, Kathleen Grissom expertly shines a light through Mary’s eyes on an authentic part of history that must not be forgotten. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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