Saturday, July 15, 2023

Business or Pleasure

Chandler Cohen is a writer in Seattle. She lives with her bestie/cousin Noemie and has had success as a ghostwriter for a handful of low level celebrities. She is independent, adorable and smart. Sound like a great resume? The truth is Chandler is miserable and facing a difficult crossroads. She forgot what it was like to write for herself, to hear her own voice instead of pretending for these unappreciative personalities. She finally slept with her decade long unrequited college crush only to be actually crushed when he told her he is emotionally unavailable. And then she meets Finn Walsh. They share an unforgettable meet-cute that leads to a most regrettable hookup. Things couldn’t get any more complicated until her agent sets up a lunch with Finn, whom she failed to recognize as an actor in a previously huge teen cult series. As awkward as this meeting initially begins, Finn is sweet and the deal is too. Chandler takes this all expense paid opportunity to travel with Finn across the country attending conventions for overzealous fans and ghostwrite his memoir. Perhaps this is a chance to finally make enough money and get back to the cozy mystery she abandoned writing long ago. Filled with laugh out loud romcom mishaps, Chandler and Finn are both determined to find out whether this trip is all business or mostly pleasure. Easy breezy and super steamy romance at its best. Another one for your summer list! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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