Thursday, March 23, 2023

The Cuban Heiress

Elena Palacio lived a privileged childhood in Havana. When her parents passed away in a tragic accident Elena’s tia sent her to New York City for college. Quite a beauty and possessing a considerable inheritance, Elena is quickly scooped into the arms of a charming businessman. Now, after a tragic fire, she is thought to be dead. Catherine Dohan, a seemingly sophisticated heiress is engaged to a successful society man who pays her very little attention. Always playing the part, she is the perfectly doting girlfriend while carefully scrutinizing his every move. These two women are traveling on the SS Morro Castle from New York to Cuba.  Due to prohibition this luxury excursion has become a popular venue, providing non-stop partying and late night entertainment for the well-to-do. Elena is out for revenge. She is determined to get her daughter back and make him pay, no matter the cost. Catherine is not who she appears to be and Harry, the ship’s irresistibly handsome jewel thief quickly calls her out. As the Morro Castle crosses the Atlantic it is very clear that there is something more turbulent and sinister onboard than the stormy seas surrounding them. Filled with romance, mystery and revenge reminiscent of another time - this fast paced new novel set on an historical ship with a mysterious past is an absolute must read!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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