Monday, March 20, 2023

In a New York Minute

When Franny Doyle arrives at her busy Manhattan office she is summoned to the conference room. Never a good sign, after four faithful years as an interior designer she is laid off due to severe cutbacks. In complete shock Franny fills a small box with her meager belongings and heads to the suffocatingly hot subway. Her pretty summer dress is caught in the doors as they close and rips straight through the back. As good Samaritans are rarely found in NY, (let alone on the subway!) a charming and handsome man comes to her rescue. Crying, sweating and now wrapped in his Gucci suit jacket Franny makes her way home. Of course every passenger has their phone out and this subway meet cute goes viral. The strangers become the latest social media sensation. When the local news show picks up the story Franny and Hayes Montgomery III (of course!) unite on the popular morning show and with much awkwardness Franny thanks her knight and expects that to be the end of these shenanigans. Frustrated, jobless and questioning all of her life choices Franny continues bumping into Hayes in this magical big/small city. Despite the difficulties of being single in the city, sparks fly throughout this adorable and steamy love letter to Manhattan. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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