Thursday, December 29, 2022

Our Missing Hearts

Bird is a 12 yr old boy living with his dad in Boston. It is some time in the future and after the “Crisis" the government revitalized the economy by blaming China and subsequently the Asian communities in the United States for all of their problems. Being a good American now meant spying on your neighbors. Turning in anyone who seemed unpatriotic. In turn the government would quickly find you and deem your children were in danger of becoming unpatriotic and “replace” them to another home. Bird and his dad live a very quiet existence. After his mom Margaret left them they lay low desperate to remain anonymous and not be associated with her rebellious actions. Margaret was a thoughtful poet and of Chinese dissent. She thought leaving Bird with Ethan would protect them. Three years after she left Bird still cannot imagine never seeing his mom again. He is determined to find her and get answers to the questions that haunt him at night. I have loved other books by this author but this one was not for me. Although it had glowing reviews, I did not understand or like any of the characters and couldn’t wait for it to end. :( ⭐️⭐️

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