Monday, April 11, 2022

The Lioness

Katie Barstow is an A-list actress in 1964. Katie grew up on the stage with Broadway parents and entered Hollywood life to finally escape the clutches of her abusive manipulating mother. She is set to marry her brother’s best friend David, whom they grew up with, and planning a safari honeymoon only the very wealthy could consider. Katie’s companions include her brother and his pregnant wife, fellow starlet Carmen Tedesco with her privileged husband, Terrance a handsome actor she often works with and her infamous agent. They land in Africa excited to experience the Serengeti and all it offers. Gazing at herds of magnificent animals and photographing idyllic scenes seem to be right out of the movies. While these entitled guests drink gin and are waited on hand and foot they are worried about the wrong enemies. While cautious of their distance to wild animals of which they’ve been warned they are confronted by Russians with rifles. Escorted to Land Rovers and tied up in huts the Americans have no idea what these kidnappers want. Survival is the key to figuring out what is behind this brutal attack. Told from the many many many different voices of each character this story dragged. I adored the author’s beautiful descriptive writing but in the end I couldn’t figure out if there was too much backstory or not enough. The whole plot just fell flat. I have loved all of this authors books and enjoyed numerous novels of Africa, unfortunately this one was not for me. ⭐️⭐️

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