Thursday, April 21, 2022

Cover Story

NYU student Lora Ricci snags a summer internship she has spent her life dreaming about. She is going to work at Elle magazine and is one step closer to becoming an actual writer. When she arrives Lora quickly finds herself in the beauty closet stocking supplies BUT she is at Elle, she is climbing the ladder and that is all that matters. Determined to shine Lora befriends the beautiful and exotic contributing editor, Cat Wolff. She begins to complete small tasks for Cat and quickly is taken under her very stylish wing. When the end of summer nears Cat offers Lora the opportunity to collaborate on a writing project she is certain will be published. Lora drops out of NYU, moves into Cat’s suite at The Plaza Hotel and begins a year long extravaganza of the whirlwind that is Cat’s glamorous life both personal and professional. Her parents disappointment keeps Lora from telling anyone her struggles or plans, she is laser focused only on getting published. Without any funds of her own Lora is constantly at the beck and call of every decision Cat makes, often leaving her confused and slightly suspicious of Cat’s true identity. As the pieces of this mysterious puzzle begin to fall apart so do Lora’s dreams. The format of writing lends itself to one giant binge read that you cannot put down. May remind you of Inventing Anna but even better with a twist - this is the absolute perfect read to take you away! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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