Monday, April 11, 2022

Dating Dr. Dil

Dr. Prem Verma is a successful doctor in addition to having his own southeast asian community tv show. A practical man, Dr. Dil neither believes in “love marriages” or risking a broken heart. Kareena Mann is a local attorney who nearing thirty has all the aunties circling the marriage matches on her behalf. She has focused on school and caring for her younger sister, beloved father and their precious home since her mother’s untimely passing. Kareena is beautiful, outspoken and successful but she may be ready to swipe online as she is well on her way to being considered an old maid. After a meet cute that fails miserably, Prem and Kareena decide to join forces and get what they truly want. He, the much needed investors for his community health center and Kareena is desperate for a downpayment to buy her childhood home as her father plans retirement. Even though their views on love and marriage are night and day, the young couple cannot deny their sizzling chemistry. Fighting fate is not easy when her younger sister is an actual bridezilla and Prem is running out of excuses to fend off his beating heart. Absolutely the cutest, wedding romcom filled with steamy scenes and hilarious dating mishaps. The theme of arranged marriage is common in many cultures and the aunties data spread sheets are not that different than signing up for the latest app. Highly recommend this perfect beach read! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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