Monday, August 24, 2020

With or Without You

Stella and Simon have been a couple for almost twenty years. An unlikely match, Stella is a somewhat quiet, kind nurse at a busy NYC hospital and he is a gorgeous hard core rock n’ roll musician. While in the past supporting Simon on his musical rollercoaster had always made Stella happy, she suddenly yearns for more stability, maybe even a baby. The night before a huge opportunity awaits him in Los Angeles the two disagree and a fork in their relationship can no longer be ignored. After a night of unexpected drug use Stella falls into a mysterious coma. Simon becomes the devoted boyfriend she had always dreamed of, Stella is someone completely new. They must unravel who they have become to each other and to themselves. There are parts of this story I really enjoyed, not to mention Caroline Leavitt’s writing is always a pleasure - but the truth is that Stella became annoying and I could not sympathize with her journey. In fact, all the many relationships were a bit off to me. I’m on the fence with this one friends. ⭐⭐⭐

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