Thursday, August 27, 2020

Age of Consent

Justine and Eve are unlikely friends at a boarding school in Connecticut. Justine has hippie parents who run a well known theater in New Haven and live a penniless, haphazard existence leaving Justine free to do as she pleases. Very bright and well read she snags a scholarship to this prestigious school only to find it very difficult to fit in and make true friends. She enjoys the illicit attentions of a male teacher, a few fringe students and a sophisticated NYC socialite named Eve. At the end of an unexpected first year Justine decides to spend the summer working and living in the city. She rooms with another friend called India and dives deep into the art and club world she had only imagined. Cool 80's nostalgia but that’s where it ends for me.  All the relationships in this story feel contrived and it becomes tedious to follow when you don’t care about a single one of them. ⭐⭐

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