Wednesday, January 29, 2020

Tell Me Everything

Jessica and Jake Snyder are enjoying a typical date night. Their teenage kids are at her ex’s house for the weekend and they are relishing an adult evening at a local dance/bar club in Seattle. Lately their lives are overbooked with work responsibilities, soccer games and basic family chores. It seems like they never have enough time for themselves as a couple, often too tired for anything more than a quick goodnight kiss. Frustrated, Jessica intends to bring back the spark she once treasured. A few drinks in, a handsome stranger asks Jessica to dance and Jake encourages it. After the dance the handsome stranger quietly slips them his business card and they can barely stumble to the car - let alone make it to their bedroom. This one simple act has them sexually aroused for weeks and Jessica is thrilled with their recharged intimacy. Weeks later when they decide to call this man and arrange a meetup, their lives are changed forever. The rules of marriage must be altered to suit this newfound excitement. Their number one promise to each other: honesty always. As this risky new lifestyle spirals out of control, it threatens their marriage and businesses. Everything Jake and Jessica cherish is at risk. This scandalous story explores marriage, parenting and the perils of the social media age. It originally published as A Casual Encounter with a very different cover and received little hype. Either way, I found this risqué story unputdownable and highly recommend it if you’re in the mood for a steamy fast paced read.

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