Friday, January 31, 2020

Such A Fun Age

Alix Chamberlain has two sweet little girls and an adoring news anchor husband. When life in NYC becomes overwhelmingly expensive and difficult they move to Philadelphia where Peter lands an ace position with a local television station and Alix continues her business from home. Alix writes to companies and both compliments and criticizes them to receive free products and services. This hobby turned professional when her brazen outspokenness lands her a book deal and speaking gigs. Alix hires Emira from a Craigslist ad to babysit Briar, her 3 yr old, while working on these projects. She becomes obsessed with Emira’s skin color, personal life and boyfriend whom Alix coincidentally dated in high school. Emira is a college grad who along with her closest gal pals is still trying to find herself. And that’s it folks. This story bizarrely turns into one of racism. Alix is unexplainably jealous and desperate to bring Emira into their lives and while I think there is some scattered meaning the only likable character in the entire story is the toddler, Briar, who is quirky, funny and painfully honest. Despite the hype I was disappointed by this new release.

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