Sunday, January 26, 2020

American Dirt

Lydia lives a fairly quiet life in Acapulco, Mexico. She runs her quaint bookstore and is madly in love with her husband Sebastian and 8 yr old boy, Luca. At 32 she is content with her comfortable life and is slightly surprised when a stranger befriends her in the bookstore. This customer is called Javier and their unexpected literary and spiritual connection thrills Lydia. Nothing more than friends, she treasures Javier’s visits and his charming intellect. As a journalist her husband runs a risky piece exposing the local drug cartel that has destroyed their city and filled it with violence and fear. When Lydia accidentally learns that the head of the cartel is none other than her beloved friend Javier, her peaceful life is ripped to shreds. Fleeing with Luca, Lydia is suddenly fighting for their lives and must use all her strength to get them out of Mexico. This absolute page turner is a suspenseful, tragic, heart stopping read from the first page to the last. It took every ounce of my restraint to not be tainted by the massive controversy surrounding this new release so I could give an honest review. The writing is excellent. I loved the characters and waited with bated breath for each new chapter. It is FICTION and I highly recommend this fabulous read.

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