Sunday, April 9, 2017

The Arrangement

Wowza. This book certainly had me on the edge of my bed, I mean seat. Lucy and Owen are a young couple who leave the rat race of NYC life to embark on a new life in a small town called Beekman. Far enough away from Manhattan to constitute country living but close enough to jump on a train and do what yuppie couples need to do. They’ve got chickens, neighbors, public school and a young son who has some special needs. When mundane tasks and mid-life stress are hitting an all-time high they are presented by an obscure idea at a dinner party. An old friend from the city details her new plan to conduct an open marriage. She explains that with strict guidelines and timelines this could actually save a marriage! At first, Lucy and Owen laugh off this ridiculous notion but as time passes, the idea doesn’t seem so bad. Their world is turned upside down with surprising choices and even more shocking outcomes. With dark humor and witty remarks throughout The Arrangement was unputdownable. The funny moments and quirky characters highlight the couples very real struggle with love, marriage, trust and friendship. Most of all figuring what marriage means to you and your life instead of what society expects from you. Highly recommend this controversial peek inside one couples world when they break the all the rules.


  1. I also thought Dunn did a great job at the difference between men and women and how that impacted not only the main characters, but the people they chose for the arrangement.