Sunday, April 16, 2017


Rebekah Roberts is still working at The Trib as a stringer. Try as she might, she cannot seem to get to the kind of writing she’s always dreamed of doing. But Rebekah never gives up. While following a lead from a remarkable woman who follows murders through a police scanner, Rebekah becomes enmeshed in finding out who DeShawn Perkins really is and whether or not he killed his parents and sister in the summer of 1992. With sly wit and suspenseful twists, Rebekah Roberts must find the truth which is buried beneath lies, excuses and once again the Jewish community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn. Using her investigative skills and the contacts she has finally made Rebekah quickly learns that everyone is hiding something and DeShawn has spent most of his adult life in prison. She must find the truth. After loving Invisible City and Run You Down, Julia Dahl has done it again with another emotional thriller that takes the reader through the streets of New York City and lives of these unpredictable characters. Highly recommend this entire trilogy but I think you can read each individually as well. Loved author Julia Dahl’s easy, enjoyable writing and this dark glimpse into a sketchy underworld.

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