Sunday, March 12, 2017

On Turpentine Lane

Faith Frankel moves back to her small hometown of Everton, Massachusetts after a tiring unsuccessful foray in the big city life of New York. At thirty-two she finds herself in a mediocre job writing thank you notes for her alma mater, with a mediocre love life that makes no sense at all. Hoping to push things along, she supports her “fiancĂ©” Stewart (red string on her finger to prove it) on his trek (by foot) across America to raise awareness. With Faith’s credit card in his pocket the only thing she becomes aware of is that she feels duped.  Very quickly her life’s drama begins to unfold. She single-handedly purchases an adorable albeit haunted house, her father leaves her mother to become an artist and shack up with a much younger woman and her office mate Nick has also become house mate and possibly much much more. Throw in her brother Joel, who shovels snow for a living and her busybody (very funny) mother who thinks Nick is gay, along with the bizarre antics of small town living and you will not be able to put this one down. Fast paced, absolutely adorable, On Turpentine Lane was a joy to read. A light, fun glimpse at the decisions we make and unbreakable bonds of the family who will criticize those decisions, no matter what! Did I mention how much I liked this read? Highly recommend and perfect for that small lighter side of reading we all need.

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