Wednesday, March 1, 2017

My Not So Perfect Life

Katie “Cat” Brenner has dreamed of living in London and she is finally there! Well, almost there. She lives on the only outskirts she could afford with bizarre roommates and a 2 ½ hour commute. But it is worth it! She has a London job at a branding firm and Katie believes in her future. She wants to climb that ladder, fall in love and buy really nice things. While Katie is working hard and trying to make a name for herself she has to deal with a monster of a boss named Demeter. Demeter is the middle aged nightmare boss with very expensive taste and a “perfect” life that every girl envies and simultaneously hates. Having grown up on a farm, Katie has strong values and deep loyalty. She is embarrassed by her country girl ways and hides her accent. She also Instagram’s the perfect life she dreams of, even if it isn’t close to the truth. Katie’s caught in a messy web at work and at home, and this story had me laughing out loud and rooting for the underdog the entire time. As promised by my chic lit loving friends, author Sophie Kinsella did not disappoint. Amidst a few heavy reads this novel was a wonderful breath of fresh air. Will definitely be reading more by this fun British author I have (finally!) discovered.   

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  1. You haven't read the Shopaholic series?!!! You are in for such a light, fun escape from everything dreary in the world. I love Kinsella and this one was no exception. I appreciated the fact that it wasn't all about a guy. It's more about staying true to yourself- which is a great message these days.