Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Anything is Possible

While reading My Name is Lucy Barton it did occur to me that all these little life stories had a story of their own. The author must have felt the same, as she has now followed up with a new book called Anything is Possible. A compilation of short stories about the Pretty Nicely Girls, Tommy the janitor and Lucy’s sister Vicky - where their love/hate relationship had lingered for years, to name a few. These small town mid-western lives, filled with poverty, abuse, love, fear and an underlying hope is described in the delicate manner only Elizabeth Strout can create. She digs deep into the hearts and minds of these characters bringing a genuineness that is almost painful. If you have not read My Name is Lucy Barton, I would definitely start there and then enjoy this beautiful new novel. I was lucky to have an early read thanks to netgalley but it will be available April 25th.


  1. Question for you - I read (and loved) Lucy Barton...but have pretty much forgotten anything about all those side characters. Will I still enjoy Anything is Possible? I have a galley and am planning to read it in April.