Sunday, January 15, 2017

Small Admissions

Kate, Vicki and Chloe are three roommates/best friends that recently graduated from Wellesley. All clever and beautiful with the bright lights of NYC shining in their eyes. Relationships and jobs come easily for this trio until Kate’s destructive romance with Chole’s handsome French cousin leaves her on the couch for months in a funk that is way more than just having a bad day. The friends, along with her sister Angela do everything they can to get Kate out of her apartment and back into the real world. She unexpectedly left academia- an intense grad program at NYU, barely showers and is walking dogs for a living. While Chloe feels guilty, Vicki becomes more than selfish and it is Angela that never gives up. Angela arranges a job interview at a small prep school called Hudson. By a complete turn of fate, Kate shockingly lands the job and overnight needs to learn how to work in the admissions office of a highly regarded school filled with snooty kids and uptight demanding parents. With the support of her sister and guidance of the internet, Kate quickly learns she is pretty good at this new, unexpected profession. While she searches for happiness and stability of any kind, she also learns the truth about family, friendship and the will to recreate yourself. This very easy to read, laugh out loud novel took me on a small journey through the admissions life (although you may think grossly exaggerated it absolutely is not), the transition after college and even some hilarity thrown in regarding the empty nest syndrome (of her rather bizarre parents) when it’s the grown children that refuse to let go. Completely enjoyable, I highly recommend this entertaining new book by author Amy Poeppel and look forward to reading more of her writing in the future.

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  1. Once the book got beyond Kate's reaction to being dumped (which I thought was tedious) I agree about the laughing out loud. She was hilarious. It really was a fun read.