Friday, August 19, 2016

How to Party With an Infant

Mele Bart is a quirky, funny, smart, single mom in the San Francisco area. After getting pregnant and subsequently dumped by her chef boyfriend, Mele sets out on her own to raise her beautiful little girl Ellie. Trying to find the right “Mom” group is apparently something that doesn’t come as easily as one might think. Fitting in and getting picked feels like being back in highschool or pledging a stuck up sorority but it is a necessary evil to get through the long, tiring days on your own. Written through the hilarious theme of Mele’s application as a writer in a cookbook contest. She listens closely to the outlandish stories her fellow park mom’s share and morphs them into crazy recipes. This easy to read, laugh out loud story about love, loss, jealousy and acceptance is a perfect end of summer beach read. Mele accepts both the blessing and the curse of being a single parent in a busy vibrant city while the world flies by and she wipes sticky hands and gets lots of hugs. Once again, I thoroughly enjoyed and recommend author Kaui Hart Hemmings latest novel. And if you haven’t read her others; The Descendants and The Possibilities, they are a must as well!!

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